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Learn to SCUBA dive with Bamboo Reef, the best dive shop in San Francisco and Monterey. Start you underwater adventure here.

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Looking for some new equipment or a gift for that special diver. Check out our online store and see what we have to offer.

Dive Tours

Dive Monterey with our experienced Dive Leaders and explore the underwater canopies of California. Sea Otters, Sea Lions, Crabs, Octopi, and Nudis await!

Advanced Courses

Continue your SCUBA adventures, further your knowledge, and strengthen your abilities with an assortment of specialty classes offered at Bamboo Reef.
Two Scuba Divers

Technical Courses

These advanced training programs will equip you to extend your diving capabilities beyond the decompression limit, in more challenging environments, and with different equipment configurations. 


Freediving is one of the most challenging and rewarding underwater activities you can participate in.

Whether you are looking to improve your skills or increase your breath holds for spearfishing, Bamboo Reef can do it all.

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Professional Courses

Bring the joy of SCUBA to others!
Begin your professional SCUBA career by leading guides, assisting classes, while you work your way up to teaching the next wave of SCUBA divers!
Aqua Lung Lifestyle - female boat diver.

Become an Intern!

During surface intervals, there's a lot to learn in a dive shop!

“I love diving and traveling with Bamboo Reef because it is always a great group of divers that come out for the fun dives and trips! 


There are always plenty of experienced Bamboo Reef instructors and dive masters who are happy to help and make sure everyone is safe and comfortable during the dives. 


I always have a relaxing and fun time, and I’ve made a ton of new friends in the diving community by diving with Bamboo Reef. "

- Felicia Svedlund


Fiji 2019, Eddie Gomez