Shop Operations & Policies - COVID-19

Our normal day to day has been forever changed by COVID-19, but that does not mean life has to stop. At Bamboo Reef we are still dedicated to sharing our knowledge, love, and excitement for diving with the world!


To do this we have made some necessary adjustments to how we operate so we can better assist you. So in order to maintain safe social distancing we ask that you carefully review our new guidelines to ensure both your safety and the safety of our crew.

All Bamboo Reef crew members will wear face covers and they will have alcohol swabs, disinfectants, and hand sanitizers on hand should you need it.

Thank you.

*Remember, if you do not feel well stay home. Anyone with a fever, runny nose, or cough will be asked to leave*

General Information:


Safe Distancing -

  • When entering the shop, please wait for a shop crew member to assist you before exploring around. If a crew member is not available you may explore around the shop as long as you maintain safe distancing.

  • You must maintain at least 2 arms length between you and the person nearest you.

  • "X Marks the Spot" have been conveniently placed on the floor to remind you how much distance to maintain. No, there is no treasure beneath the "X" ;)

Families and Groups -

  • We ask that a family does not exceed more than 4 people. Families are to be limited to immediate blood relatives or households.

  • We as that groups do not exceed more than 2 people.

Face Covers -

  • Face covers will be required at all times when you are in the shop or speaking with a Bamboo Reef crew member. Children under 3 will not be required to wear face coverings.

Gloves -

  • Gloves are not recommended. If gloves are not changed frequently they can spread contaminants. All of our high traffic areas are frequently wiped down with disinfectant or cleaners to reduce any chances of unnecessary exposure.

Fitting Equipment:

Masks -

  • Trying on a mask is the best way to determine if the fit is correct and comfortable. All masks will be wiped down with an alcohol swab before and after you try it on.

  • Trying on a mask is optional if you do not feel comfortable putting it against your face.

Snorkels -

  • Snorkels cannot be put in the mouth. Never have. Never will.

Neoprene -

  • The risk of exposure to COVID-19 from neoprene is extremely low. However if you prefer to try on the neoprene at home rather than in the store you may do so without worry.

Pickups / Drop offs - Repairs & Rentals

Rentals -

  • Please call to schedule any and all rental pickups and drop offs. A crew member will assist you in properly cleaning and disinfecting your equipment.

  • Masks, Snorkels & Regulators: rinse in freshwater, soaked in Steramine Rinse Bucket (minimum 1 minute), hang to dry

  • Neoprene: rinse in freshwater, soak in wash bin (revivex - odor eliminator & wetsuit / drysuit shampoo), hang to dry

Gear Service & Maintenance -

Dive Tours:


All dive tours are by appointment only; by phone or online.

Your dive leader will meet you at the shop to assist with equipment fitting before heading to the dive site.

We ask that you show up on time and that you have everything you need before you head out. To reduce the number of people in the shop you and your dive leader will double check the equipment and immediately head out.

If you need to make any purchases we ask that you show up early or schedule an appointment so a crew member can help you before your tour.


All classroom sessions are now conducted online with virtual classroom discussions.

Pool and ocean sessions are held separately. Please refer to your confirmation emails for class details.

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