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Learning to SCUBA dive is one of life's greatest joys! More than 70% of the earth's surface is covered by water and what lies beneath is only accessible by SCUBA diving. From the far north kelp forests of Canada to the tropical coral reefs of Indonesia, or the freshwater, sun dappled cenotes of Mexico, scuba diving will allow you to explore all these environments. Dive with otters and harbor seals, view sunken shipwrecks, swim through large overhangs and tunnels formed by coral reef. SCUBA diving is a life changing activity that will redefine how you look at the world.


Keep Diving with bamboo reef

Already certified? Keep your skills sharp, explore new dive sites, and meet your local dive community with our local fun dives, dive tours of Monterey Bay, and dive trips!


two locations for your convenience

Bamboo Reef has been serving the California dive community since 1961. Swing by our two locations for dive classes, dive gear, rentals, and more!


San Francisco, CA

Located down the road from Oracle Park, the original Bamboo Reef sits nestled in Mission Bay, San Francisco. With it’s door’s first open in 1961, Bamboo Reef has catered to thousands of divers all across the globe.

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Monterey Bay, Ca

Located just a couple of blocks from the historic Cannery Row, Bamboo Reef Scuba Diving Centers Monterey has been voted the 'Best Dive Shop' 10 times by Monterey County Weekly! 

Gear Services

Be prepared for your next dive! We offer gear rentals, repairs, maintenance, and air fills.

“I love diving and traveling with Bamboo Reef because it is always a great group of divers that come out for the fun dives and trips! 


There are always plenty of experienced Bamboo Reef instructors and dive masters who are happy to help and make sure everyone is safe and comfortable during the dives. 


I always have a relaxing and fun time, and I’ve made a ton of new friends in the diving community by diving with Bamboo Reef. "

- Felicia Svedlund

Fiji 2019, Eddie Gomez

Fiji 2019, Eddie Gomez

Fiji 2019, Eddie Gomez

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