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The Monterey bay tritons

- spearfishing, training, education -

$99.00 Annual Membership

Billed as $8.25 every 28 days

  • 10% OFF all Freediving Related Training

  • 10% OFF Equipment Purchases

  • 5% OFF Spearfishing and Freediving Trips

  • FREE Line Dive Sessions

  • FREE Entry to Triton Events



The Tritons are dedicated to educating and training anyone who is interested in spearfishing and foraging along the California Coast and beyond. Our skills extended beyond the standard underwater hunter group - we teach how to filet, prep, cook, rig spearguns, and offer advice on targeting different types of fish.

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JOin the tritons today!

Annual Membership Dues: $75

King of the tritons tournament

Open to all members, this aggregate based tournament will use a point per inch scoring system to record your best year long spearfishing catch across all species. The member with the most points will be crowned King or Queen at the end of the year party in December.

  1. You must be a Triton's Member to be eligible to participate.

  2. Safety First! You must have a freedive buddy. NO SOLO HUNTING! Stick to the 1 Up, 1 Down Rule.

  3. All catch must be taken while freediving without any assistance from another diver or any motorized transport. Human power only, such as shorediving or kayaking.

  4. Video evidence of catch (total length) against a measuring device must be provided.

  5. Entries must be posted within 1 week of being taken and photographed. No "hoarding" of entries.

  6. All catch entered must be taken within the borders of  Shelter Cove to San Simeon, California.

  7. ALL California Department of Fish and Wildlife rules must be followed 100%. Period.

  8. Triton Committee Members have the final say on all entries. 

*For more details email us at*

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