Join us EVERY month as we explore Northern California's underwater world!

We dive off of the rocky landscapes of Sonoma, the kelp forests of Monterey and Carmel, and even the cool crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe! 


Fun dives are a great way to keep your skills fresh, and keep in touch with other divers. Come with us and experience the unique beauty of our local coast!

You must be SCUBA or freedive certified to join a fun dive. 

Beach Fun Dives

9am-1pm     Cost: Free

Every month we pick a dive site to explore, with an easy entry from the beach.

Fun dives are a great way to maintain your skills, explore new sites, and make new dive buddies.

SCUBA and Freedivers are both welcome!

Equipment Rental: Not included. Call (831) 372-1685 to reserve your gear now!

Scuba Divers: All fun dives are two tank dives.


Food: After both dives, we meet back at the Monterey Shop for a potluck. Bring something you'd like to share!

Bamboo Reef provides chips, salsa & drinks.

  • January 19th - San Carlos Beach

  • February 9th - Lovers Point

  • March 15th - McAbee

  • April 12th - Otters

  • May 17th - Del Monte*

  • June 21st - Coral Street

  • July 12th - South Monastery

  • August 29th/30th - South Lake Tahoe

  • September 13th - Coral Street

  • October 11th - San Carlos

  • November 15th - Lovers Point

  • December 6th - McAbee

2020 Dates & Locations​

**Sites are subject to change - a final decision will be made on the morning-of after a review of the beaches and conditions**


Every month we host a fun dive from a boat!

Why boat dive? Entering and exiting the water is typically easier than a beach or shore entry. 

Boat diving also allows access to locations that are out of reach from the shore.

These dive sites can have more life because they aren't visited as often.

Equipment Rental: Not included. Call (831) 372-1685 to reserve your gear now!

Scuba Divers: All fun dives are two tank dives. 

Food & Drinks: Water is provided on the boat. Recommended to bring extra water, snacks or food.

  • January 26th - Beach Hopper II 

  • February 23rd - Beach Hopper II

  • March 22nd - Beach Hopper II

  • April 19th - Beach Hopper II

  • May 10th - Beach Hopper II

  • June  28th - Beach Hopper II

  • July 26th - Beach Hopper II

  • August 23rd - Beach Hopper II

  • September TBD - Beach Hopper II

  • October  4th - Beach Hopper II

  • November 29th - Beach Hopper II

  • December 13th - Beach Hopper II

2020 Dates & Boat​ Operator

**Dates  subject to change due to weather**

*Not a guided dive*

Boat Fun Dives

7:30am-1pm     Cost: $100 
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