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Bamboo Reef has been servicing and repairing equipment in San Francisco since 1961 and Monterey since 1970. With 2 highly experience technicians with more than 35 years of combined experience Bamboo Reef is proud to say we can service almost every make and model of equipment - old and new.

Bamboo Reef is also proud to expand it's service into Drysuit Repair & Maintenance and Speargun Tuning and Service.

Repairs -Maintenance


Diving the California Coast, from Mendocino, to Monterey Bay, and down to the Channel Islands should be fun!

You don't want to be cold and miserable. You want to be warm and enjoying the kelp beds and sea otters.

Bamboo Reef offers top grade rental equipment for both SCUBA & Freediving:

High Quality Dry Suits

8/7mm Semi-Dry Wetsuits

High Performance Regulators

7mm Open Cell Wetsuits

4mm & 5mm Neoprene Socks *Freediving

Give us a call to reserve your equipment and enjoy what lies beneath the California Coast!

San Francisco (415) 362-6695

Monterey (831) 372-1685

Gear Rental
SCUBA Tanks - Outside.jpeg

Air Fills

Need Air?

Bamboo Reef's San Francisco and Monterey compressors can fill high pressure cylinders (3442 PSI).

San Francisco - Air Fills Only, NO NITROX

Monterey - AIR, NITROX 32, TRIMIX

*Custom fills will take some time and all tanks are required to have a current O2 Clean Sticker*

All SCUBA cylinders must have a current VIP sticker.

All cylinders must have a current Hydrostatic Test Stamp or Sticker.

SCUBA Tanks.jpeg
Air Fills
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