Repairs and Maintenance

Bamboo Reef is proud to have experienced technicians who can repair almost any scuba equipment, and get you back to diving safely as soon as possible.


We perform Visual Plus eddy current testing on aluminum cylinders. With more than $10,000 in parts inventory, we are authorized to repair all major brands of equipment.


Here's how it works: 

1. Fill out the service request form and ship your gear to us, or just stop by the shop with your gear. 


2. Once we receive your items, we’ll contact you to confirm both the details of your service, and payment information for a deposit. Turnaround is usually one to two weeks from when we receive the items. 

Services and Estimated Price List

Tanks and Valves

· Visual tank inspection (1 year interval) ·················· $25 · Hydrostatic test (5 year interval) ······························ $60 · Valve repair ···································································· $35

Regulators and BCDs

Regulator or BCD inspection (1 year interval) ································ $35 Regulator & octopus overhaul (2 year interval) ········· $105 + parts ($25-75) Regulator w/o octopus overhaul (2 year interval) ······ $70 + parts ($25-75) · Typically for those with an air source integrated into their BC Installation of first stage environmental seal ·································· $65 · Usually atomic regs for cold water diving · Includes new trim ring Cleaning and re-sealing of environmental seal (2-3 years)··········· $40 · Crystal Lube environmental seal BCD overhaul (2 year interval)································ $35 + parts ($0-$35) · Service of alternate air sources · Dump valve service · Pressurized leak check

Wetsuits and Drysuits

Drysuit leak test ·············································· $50 Drysuit neck seal ············································ $50 + $40-50 for seal Drysuit wrist seals (pair) ································ $70 + $40-50 for seals Wetsuit/Drysuit patches up to 6”················ $10 Wetsuit/Drysuit patches above 6”················Call us for a quote

Dive Computers

Standard puck-style battery replacement ·················· $35 + $25 kit · 150 foot depth test · Firmware check · Algorithm check Suunto D-series battery replacement ··································· $100 Suunto D-series 200 dive service ··········································· $200 · Full teardown and cleaning · Battery replacement · Firmware update · New o-rings for buttons, module, housing Scubapro UWATEC battery replacement ····························· $125

Gear Rental

We rent both scuba and freediving gear. Our rentals feature Aqua Lung, Mares, Sea Quest, Scuba Pro and Sherwood regulators, Aqua Lung and Sea Quest BCDs, Suunto dive computers and Parkway wetsuits.

  1. Submit a rental form based on where you'd like to pick up your gear.

  2. Our staff will check inventory, and get back to you with a confirmation within one business day. 

Choose your pickup location

Monterey Freediving Rental Form


SF Freediving Rental Form


SF Scuba Rental Form


Monterey Scuba Rental Form



Soft, hard, pinch weights, ankle weights



Stretchy 3mm neoprene for a snug but dextrous fit



· Large strap fits over any suit · Glow-in-the-dark face

Dive computer

Dive computer

· Large strap fits over any suit · Nitrox capable · Easy-to-use interface



5mm high-cut booties available in sizes 5 to 14 (39 to 48)



· Light and Motion Sola · 1200 lumens · Spot and flood modes


Air Fills

Our compressors can fill up to 3500 psi. Our certified blending specialists can customize any mixture of oxygen, helium and air, often while you wait. We also store 32% nitrox for instant fills.

For safety reasons, we only fill tanks with current visual and hydrostatic test dates.

Air fills are $10 per tank in SF ($7 in Monterey.)


Frequent diver? Get a 10 fill punchcard for a 10% discount.

Looking for Nitrox, Oxygen, Argon, or Helium? 
Click here for the Monterey price list.

San Francisco currently only does air fills.