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Explore the mysterious kelp beds of Monterey bay

Unlock the Beauty of the Underwater World with Bamboo Reef in Monterey's Kelp Beds!

Discover the unparalleled joy of learning to SCUBA dive at our top-rated training centers in San Francisco, Bay Area and Monterey, Bamboo Reef!

At Bamboo Reef, your underwater journey begins in the pristine waters of Monterey Bay, California. Dive alongside playful otters, curious harbor seals, excited sea lions, and an array of hidden life in the kelp. This life-changing activity will not only redefine your perspective on the world but also open doors to exploring the incredible underwater landscapes our planet offers. Dive into adventure with Bamboo Reef today!


Complete your Ocean Certification!

2 Days, 4 Dives, Unlimited Possibilities!


This is your first introduction into the ocean. Here you will practice entries & exits, descending and ascending using a down line, and demonstrating your basic skills.

Dive 2

Congratulations! You survived Dive 1! Now it's time to move on to Dive 2 where you will demonstrate your rescue skills and equipment troubleshooting. Gas management and buddy coordination is important here.

Dive 3

Woot Woot! You are half way there! Today is all about increasing your capabilities. We are going to practice some basic navigation to help you become better orientated to your underwater surroundings.

Dive 4

The Final Dive. This is where it all counts. With the aid of your instructor, you and your dive buddy are going to plan, execute, and dive as your final test. If any skills need to be completed this will also be the time to do so.

Ocean Dives



Monterey Diving

Monterey, CA is a beautiful place to dive and explore. The best time of year to dive California is from Early August to Early November. This is when the kelp is at its healthiest, the weather is nicer, and underwater conditions can be incredible.

Average Water Temperature - 55°F / 13°C

Average Visibility - 15-20 FT / 5-6 M

Age & Depth Limitations

Junior Divers - Under 15 years of age

  • We DO NOT Recommend kids under the age of 15 conduct back to back days of diving. Most kids lack the necessary body fat to retain enough core temperature for multi-day diving in Monterey

*Divers in Training under 15 years of age are required to enroll in private dives*

Open Water Divers - 15 years or older

  • Training Depth Limitation - 40 FT / 12 M

Ocean Skills


  • Clearing Water from your Mask & Snorkel

  • Proper Finning Technique

  • Surface Swims


  • Breathing Underwater

  • Equipment Troubleshooting

  • Neutral Buoyancy Control

  • Entries & Exits, Descents & Ascents

  • Buddy Skills - communication, assistance, & rescue

  • Emergency Skills - low/out of air

  • Navigation & Dive Planning


Cold Water Diving offers experience and training far beyond the majority of most of your future diving. However it is important no matter where you go to be mindful of your body and maintaining warmth.

Recommended Items -

  • Heavy Towel: Stay Dry and Wrap Around You for Warmth

  • Surf Poncho / Boat Coat: Keep Warm Between Dives

  • Water: Drink Plenty of Water

  • Snacks: Diving Burns a lot of Calories

*Hot Snacks and Warm Beverages can be helpful for maintaining energy levels and staying warm between your dives. Try not to over caffeinate, Coffee is not the best option as a "WARM" much as we all wish it was 😆*

Every student is required to have their own personal gear. Bamboo Reef offers all enrolled students 10% off any equipment you may need, including the ability to exchange gear that does not fit properly or meet your physical needs.

  • Dive Mask

  • Snorkel

  • 5-7mm booties

  • Open Heel Scuba Fins

  • 3-5mm gloves, only required for ocean

  • Bathing suit & towel


Dive Mask





Dive Booties

rk3 black.jpg

Open Heel

Scuba Fins



Dive Gloves

(Required for Ocean Only)

Minimum gear requirements


ocean schedule & info

After our class and time in the pool, we’ll head to the ocean and complete 4 awesome ocean dives over the weekend in Monterey


What to expect

Water Temps: ~ 55°F/ 13°C

You may encounter Harbor Seals, Sea Lions, Sea Otters, Rockfish, Starfish, Anemones, Crabs, Sand Dollars, & more!

Transportation & lodging

We do not offer any transportation in Monterey, but highly recommend having a car to ease the transport of dive gear.

We do not offer lodging or weekend accommodations. But we recommend staying at these diver friendly hotels: *Lone Oak Lodge or the *Stage Coach.


*Ask For the Diver Discount w/ Bamboo Reef!

Dive site - location

San Carlos Beach

Monterey Bay, California

Weekend breakdown

Saturday & Sunday

7am to 2pm

Don't Forget to bring:

  • Dive logbook or download mySSI app for digital logs

  • Snacks, light lunch & plenty of water

  • Reef safe sun screen

  • Rental scuba gear - Pick up at Bamboo Reef Monterey

  • Personal scuba gear

  • Bathing suit & towel

  • Jacket

  • Card payment for parking

meet the locals of monterey

And your future dive buddies!

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