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Atlantis Resort

March 20th - 25th, 2023

March 25th - April 1st, 2023

Azores Liveaboard


Arguably the most biodiverse scuba diving destination in the Philippines, Tubbataha has something for everyone! From Pygmy sea horses, manta rays & Whale Sharks to beautiful corals and gigantic gorgonians. enjoy 5 nights at the Atlantis resort in Dumaguete, with a day trip to Apo Island, and 7 nights aboard the Azores Liveaboard to explore the reefs of tubbataha! You won't want to miss this 'bucket list' trip!

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A 2 in 1 Vacation!

This trip is simply the ultimate dive vacation. First you'll spend 5 days in Dumaguete exploring the beautiful muck diving, finding the coolest critters in the ocean. Make a quick stop at Apo Island for some amazing coral reefs. After you'll spend 5 days aboard the amazing Azores Liveabaord  exploring one of the best reefs in the world. 


Dumaguete: ​

  • 5 Nights at Atlantis Resort

  • 3 Meals a day at TOKOS restrurant

  • Up to 5 Boat Dives a Day

  • Wifi

  • Roundtrip Transfers


  • 7 Nights Deluxe Cabin

  • All Meals & Snacks

  • Up to 5 Dives a Da, Including a Night Dive

  • Local Beer & Wine

  • Round Trip Transfers

Included With Bamboo Reef:

  • 1 Free Apo Island Day Trip

  • Unlimited Nitrox

  • Trip T-Shirt


  • Airfare

  • ~$100 Marine Park Fee (Dumaguete)

  • ~$120 Marine Park Fee (Tubbataha)

  • Single Occupancy: Call to Book


Check out these amazing add-ons to make this trip even more special!

  • Apo Island Day Trip - $114 a dive, pp

  • Black Water Diving - $50 a dive, pp

  • Whale Shark Snorkeling - $132 pp

  • Owners Suite Aboard the Azores: +$500 pp, Limit of 2


  • Stop by Apo Island to explore some of the most breath-taking coral reefs, that stretch for miles!

  • Muck diving at Dumaguete is a photographers dream! Amongst the smaller reefs you'll find the most intrinsic creatures like squid, octopus, frogfish, pipefish and so much more!

  • Look closely! You won't want to miss the Pygmy Seahorses while in Tubbataha!


You will need to rent or bring a full set of gear on this trip. We recommend you bring:

Recommended Accessories:

*Remember to ensure your gear is serviced and in good working condition before your trip! 

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