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Monterey Bay


Kayak diving is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. The Kayak Diver Specialty course was written by Bamboo Reef, and approved by NAUI as the first Kayak Diver Specialty.


It is designed to give certified divers training and experience planning and executing scuba dives from a kayak, as well as practical experience for kayak diving from shore, launch areas in Monterey. Also getting comfortable using anchoring systems including grapple anchors and/or kelp clips.

Combine the best of boat diving and shore diving, make easy entry and exits through the surf zone, relax and enjoy lunch on your surface interval, and get out to dive sights too far to swim from shore.
Learn from our experienced Kayak Diver Instructors and get out diving new sites!

If you plan on taking the NAUI Kelp Restoration Diver Specialty Course and have completed the Kayak Diver Course, you may Kayak out to Tanker's Reef.

Kayak rentals are coordinated with Monterey Bay Kayaks, they only rent out Kayaks to Certified Kayak Divers or Kayak Diver Students. They will have a roster from us for who needs to rent from them.

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*For private classes, or classes for divers under the above minimum age, please call us at (831) 372-1685.


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