Freediving classes

Take one of our freediving classes, and learn how to...

  • Dive safely while on breath hold, both as a diver and as a dive buddy

  • Hold your breath longer

  • Equalize at depth

  • Make the most of those super cool long fins, and look good doing it.

Private classes available on request. 

Looking for someone else? 

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Learn to Free Dive!


Learn the skills to safely dive up to 20 meters (66 feet) on breath hold!


Whether you're a surfer, an aspiring spearfisher, or just someone who wants to "aggressively snorkel," you'll learn practical breathhold and safety skills in this class.

Intermediate Freediver

Learn to dive up to 30 meters while holding your breath! *Includes Neck Weight Workshop*


This class builds on the techniques from basic freediver, focusing on advanced equalization, weighting, and corresponding safety techniques. 

Freedive pool training

Build up your CO tolerance, refine your kicking technique, or just get to know some of your fellow freedivers through our weekly pool training sessions.  Just $10 per session. 

Upcoming Free Diving Trips

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Kodiak, Alaska - Freediving & Spearfishing

Dates TBD

Join us on our Great Alaskan freediving  expedition filled with record size rocks, lings, halibut & salmon spearfishing, diving with whales, line fishing, & sub wing'in.. all surrounded by amazing scenery.

Only $2400

Southern Channel Islands

2021 Dates TBD

Join us for 4 days of diving aboard the dive boat Vision. This trip offers incredible diving for divers of all skill levels, a great way to gain a lot of dive experience, meet new friends, and enjoy world-class diving while you explore the lush kelp forests of Catalina and the Northern Channel Islands.

Only $1100

Halloween in the Channel Islands

2021 Dates TBD

It's our annual Halloween trip! Join us for underwater pumpkin carving, costume contests, prizes, amazing diving, and top it off with lobster and scallop hunting!

Only $800

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