Open Water Class

Do I need to know how to Swim?

Yes, all students must pass a swim evaluation during the beginning of their class.

Homework is not updating?

This is normal. It takes a while for SSI’s website to refresh your homework progress. If you did the reading, and feel ready for the exam, you're fine!

Equipment Rental Cost for Students?

Equipment Rental for the weekend is $150. This includes an 8/7mm Semi-Dry Wetsuit, a BCD, a regulator w/ computer, 2 tanks, weight, and airfills.

Do I need to attend an Orientaiton?

Orientations are REQUIRED for all Open Water students - Attend any FREE Saturday Orientation before your first Class/Pool dates. No signups needed. No reservations required. Orientations begin at 2 pm and run for 1 1/2 hours. Please be on time as we do not allow anyone into Orientation after 2 pm.

What gear are students required to own?

We require students to have their own a mask, snorkel, neoprene booties, and *SCUBA fins. Students are also required to have their own neoprene gloves if they are doing their check out dives with us in Monterey. (Fins must be SCUBA quality.)


Have no worry, having a certification card with SSI or PADI does not make a difference. You'll be taught the same things, and be able to dive in the same places.


How can we stay updated with shop events, trips, fun dives?

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and join our Monthly Newsletter!

Do we sell fishing licences?

No, we don't. You can pick up fishing licenses online or at sporting good stores like Big 5. Check out the resource page for more info.

Do you guys dive in San Francisco?

Unfortantely, there is no rectreational diving in San Francisco. We mostly dive in Monterey Bay, but also dive in Lake Tahoe, and in Sonoma.

Do you offer transportation services?

We do not. The best and easiest option for getting to Monterey Bay is by car.

Air Fills

Can we fill paintball cylinders?

Yes, but only up to 3500 PSI. Cost is $10.

Can we fill Spare Airs?

Yes we can! We have the fitting on hand. Cost is $10

Can you fill Avalanache Airbag Canisters?

Yes, as long as you have the proper hardware. Cost is $10.

Can we do Nitrox/Mixed Gas?

Only at our Monterey Location which offers Nitrox, O2 and Helium. Call for pricing.

Dive Tours

Monterey Bay

San Francisco