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Join The Bamboo Reef Crew!

From Internships to Dive Professional, at Bamboo Reef you will learn the skills and knowledge necessary to be an expert diver.

Take a look below to see if becoming a Bamboo Reef Crew member is for you!


Become an intern and gain access to classes, training, and equipment. Work towards your Dive Master by dedicating a few hours every week

The internship is ideal for anyone with an irregular schedule like High School students and College students.

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Crew Member

Join the Bamboo Reef Crew and experience the dive industry for yourself. This is not your typical dive shop. At Bamboo Reef you will learn everything from pool operations, shipping & receiving, sales training, equipment knowledge and basic gear repairs & maintenance.

Dive Professional

Are you already a Dive Pro?

Crossover to Bamboo Reef and take your skills to the next level in Monterey.

Looking to become a Dive Pro or to start your Dive Master?

Check out our schedule of upcoming classes and training.

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