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Frequent Questions - Classes

FAQs - Classes

We provide a few answers to common questions related to scuba diving classes.  If you have questions related to Learning to Dive, or getting scuba certified refer to that category above.

You will need to bring a bathing suit and towel, your complete SSI student kit, your completed homework, and your personal snorkeling gear.  You will need these items each day of class.

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San Francisco


Weekend Open Water classes start at 9am and run until 5:30pm both Saturday and Sunday.  Evening Open Water classes start at 6pm and run until 10pm Tuesdays and Thursdays for two weeks.  Checkout dives start at 8am in Monterey both Saturday and Sunday.  Continuing education classes start at 6:30pm on their scheduled night.  Ocean start times for continuing education will be determined by the instructor on the first night in the classroom.


Other Stores

Note that each store operate their own schedules. It is therefore IMPORTANT that you confirm your start time with the STORE that you are signed up with.


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