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Free Diving Class

One Breath, One Depth, Inner Calm

Becoming "The Freediver" is the ultimate goal for any avid snorkeler or breath hold diver, and here at Bamboo Reef we strive to bring you to the next level of your freediving abilities.  At Bamboo Reef you will learn proper breathing techniques for extended diving, in water safety, proper post dive recovery and we will show you the skills necessary to dive deeper and stay down longer.


Classes are structured into 2 training sessions

  • Session 1 — Covers an academic review, breath hold sessions, general safety information and pool training.
  • Session 2 — You get to put your pool training to the test.  In the ocean, you will dive down to designated depths demonstrating the various skills you have developed in the pool.

Class Prices and Requirements

Level 1 Free Diver

Level 1 Free Diver (33 - 66 feet)

  • Tuition - $400
  • SSI Digital Level 1 Freediver Kit - $69.99  
  • Gear Required – Mask & Snorkel
  • Gear Included – 5mm Open Cell Wetsuit, 3mm Socks & Long Fins, Rubber Belt & Weights)


Level 2 Free Diver

Level 2 Free Diver (66 - 99 feet) 

  • Tuition - $300.00 (does not include boat fee of $90.00)
  • SSI Digital Level 2 Freediver Kit - $59.99  
  • Gear Required – Mask, Snorkel, 3mm Socks & Long Fins, Rubber Belt, 5mm Open Cell Wetsuit

Free Diver Pool Training

  • Drop Ins - $5.00
  • "NO AIR" Punch Card - $20 (good for 10 Pool Trainig sessions)
  • Unlimited Pool Training - $100
  • Gear Required - Mask, Snorkel, Bathing Suit & Towel
  • Recommended Equipment - 3mm Wetsuit, Long Fins, Weights & Rubber Weight Belt

Mermaid Class

Underwater Modeling and Mermaid Monofin Training
  • Tuition - $200.00  
  • Gear Required – Mask, Snorkel, 3mm Socks & Long Fins, Rubber Belt, 5mm Open Cell Wetsuit

Rentals are available upon request (3mm Socks & Long Fins, Rubber Belt, 5mm Open Cell Wetsuit, 3mm Gloves)

Calendars for each Class

* Class Session Schedules are subject to change without notice.


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