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Stress & Resuce Diver Class Be the best buddy you can be with Bamboo Reef's Ultimate Diver Stress and Rescue Course

Have you ever wanted to become more confident and more comfortable while diving?  Have you ever felt helpless when a buddy needed assistance?  Have you ever found yourself needing assistance?  Would you know what to do if your buddy suddenly became unconscious during a dive?  Would you know what to do if your buddy stopped breathing, or was in cardiac arrest?  Would you know how to help a fellow diver who had been stricken with a diving related illness?

Our rescue training courses are designed to be a challenging and realistic experience which provides the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively deal with stressful scenarios.  This is the first step for anyone considering becoming a dive professional.

This program is offered in three modules.

Module 1:  First aid & CPR training is offered the first Monday night of the program.  Current First Aid & CPR certification is a prerequisite for receiving SSI Stress & Rescue certification.  If you already hold First Aid & CPR certification module one is not required.

Module 2:  DAN O2 Provider is offered the first Wednesday of the program.  DAN O2 is required in order to complete a Diver Stress and Rescue Certification. 

Module 3: SSI Stress & Rescue is the second week of the program, including the Monterey Dives.

  • Minimum Age: 12
  • Certification Prerequisites: Open Water Diver
  • Academic Sessions: 2
  • Pool/Confined Water Sessions: 2
  • Open Water Dives: Minimum 3
  • Maximum Training Depth: 30 meters / 100 feet (12-14 year-old: 18 meters / 60 feet)
  • Gear Requirements - SMB & Snorkeling Gear (Mask, Snorkel, 6.5mm Wetsuit Booties, Open Heel Fins, and 3mm Gloves)
  • Ocean Gear Requirements - SCUBA Equipment *Available for rental*

Module 1 & 2 Tuition - $100 each 

Module 3 Tuition - $350

Not included in tuition price quoted
Stress & Rescue Digital Kit $80
Dan First Aid/CPR & Dan O2 Digital Kit $20 each.

Rental equipment for the ocean

Classroom and Pool Sessions meet at 6:00 pm and will run approximately 3- 4 hours.  Ocean sessions meet in Monterey at 9:00 am.

San Francisco [Tel: (415) 362-6694]

Monterey Bay [Tel: (831) 372-1685]

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