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Save money and take advantage of huge discounts by choosing from one of our Bundle Specialty Class options.

How it works

  1. Purchase the bundle
  2. Book the Class date - Using the URLs & discount codes in your Confirmation Email, book the class date for the specialty.

Once you have completed all the classes for your Specialty Bundle, you will be issued the Diver Rating.



  1. Specialty Diver Bundle

    Specialty Diver Bundle

    Select any 2 Specialties and log a minimum of 15 dives to complete your Specialty Diver Rating!
    DISCOUNTS: 10% off 2 Specialty Certifications; saving you up to $290.00


  2. Advanced Diver Bundle

    Advanced Diver Bundle

    Select any 4 Specialties and log a minimum of 24 dives to complete your Advanced Diver Rating!
    DISCOUNTS: 20% off 4 Specialty Certifications; saving you up to $410.00


  3. Master Diver Bundle

    Master Diver Bundle

    Compete in the Master Diver Challenge by completing 4 SSI Specialty Courses, the SSI Stress & Rescue, First Aid/CPR & O2 Provider, and logging a minimum of 50 dives to achieve the coveted MASTER DIVER Rating.

    DISCOUNTS: 20% off all 7 Specialty Certifications saving you up to $442

    When you complete the Master Diver Challenge in the calendar year, you will be automatically entered into SSI’s drawing for 2 spots on a liveaboard to Roatan, Honduras. You will also be automatically entered into Bamboo Reef’s drawing for a free spot on either our August Channel Island’s liveaboard trip or our Halloween Channel Island’s liveaboard trip.



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