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Course Overview
Dive Control Specialist This course is designed to prepare experienced and highly motivated divers to reach their goal of becoming a SSI Dive Leader. Dive Control Specialists organize, conduct and supervise all sorts of recreational diving activities: guided underwater tours, boat dives, beach dives, assisting SSI Instructors with dive classes, and teaching snorkeling and refresher courses. This course is the best way to gain the theoretical and practical knowledge to begin a career as a professional diving instructor.

The SSI Dive Control Specialist (Dive Con) is both a Divemaster and an Assistant Instructor. The Program teaches you to become an effective diving leader. During the course, you will study advanced diving academics and develop leadership level diving and rescue skills.

In your role as a Divemaster you will take charge of groups and lead certified divers underwater. As an Assistant Instructor, you can become part of the team that teaches SSI Diving Programs. You also can independently teach Skin Diving Courses and SSI Scuba Skills Updates.

As a Dive Con, you become a member of SSI and receive all professional publications offered. You are insurable (active Dive Cons working with divers or students are required to carry liability insurance) and considered by the dive industry as a professional allowing access to industry only events. This is the Black Belt of Scuba Diving.

Course prerequisites
To qualify for SSI Dive Control Specialist training you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Have logged at least 60 open water dives.
  • Provide own scuba equipment of leadership quality. *
  • Have a current medical exam for diving, signed by a physician.
  • Be certified at the Advanced Open Water level.
  • Complete a Diver Stress and Rescue course or equivalent.
  • Have current certification in 1 st Aid and CPR (available during course for additional fee)
  • Have logged experience in Navigation, Night Diving, Deep Diving, and Search and Recovery.

Course Cost
Tuition For the Scuba Schools International Dive Control Specialist Course is $950.00. (Required books, materials, registration with Scuba Schools International, and boat trip are included).

 Textbooks and Training Materials

  • Required: SSI Dive Control Specialist Manual.
  • Recommended: SSI Open Water Diver Textbook, SSI Dive Tables, and DAN O2 Provider Text.

 Course Structure
The SSI Dive Control Specialist course consists of 3 modules:

  • Watermanship and Skills Assessment.
  • Knowledge Development.
  • Instructional Assistant Internship Phase.

Module One: Watermanship and Skills Assessment

  1. Watermanship
    • 300-yard swim - non-stop, any stroke, no time limit.
    • 15-minute survival float.
  2. Skills Assessment
    • Snorkel skills review - candidate will be assessed for their ability to perform snorkeling skills of demonstration quality.
    • Scuba skills review - candidate will be assessed for their ability to perform SCUBA skills of demonstration quality.
    • Rescue skills review - candidate will be assessed for their basic diver rescue skills, and introduced to both leadership rescue techniques and search techniques.
    • Open Water Evaluation - candidate will be assessed for their ability to perform snorkeling skills, SCUBA skills, rescue skills, navigation skills, and leadership skills in an open water environment.


Module Two: Knowledge Development

  1. Academic Preparation - DiveCon candidates will be required to complete the academic reviews inside the SSI DiveCon Manual.
  2. Additional Assignments
    • Classroom presentations (2) - candidates will be required to deliver at least two presentations of an academic nature.
    • Beach/Dive - candidates will be required to develop and present both pre and post dive briefings.
    • Course Development
      • SSI SCUBA Skills Update - candidates will be required to develop and deliver an entire update course.
      • SSI Snorkeling - candidates will be required to develop and deliver an entire snorkeling course.

Module Three: Internship

  1. Two SSI Open Water Diver classes
    • One complete class (all academics, pool training, and open water dives).
    • A second class of pool training and open water dives only (candidate is not required to attend classroom sessions).
    • Candidate will be required to teach the snorkeling portion of either class (pool only).
  2. One Organized Diving Event
    • Store sponsored event
    • SSI Specialty Course
    • Boat Internship
  3. One SSI Scuba Skills Update

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*Personal Equipment Required: mask, snorkel, open heel fins, exposure protection (appropriate to Monterey water temperatures), regulator, SPG, depth gauge, timing device, safe second (integrated power inflator/alternate air sources are not acceptable), compass, weight belt (minimum of 6 pound belt acceptable to demonstrate skills), knife, signaling device, 50 pound lift bag and reel with min 150 feet of line.


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