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Bamboo Reef is Proud to offer over 50 years of experience training scuba divers to safely explore the wonders beneath the sea. Our professional dive facilities and scuba diving classes are designed to meet the needs of any scuba diver, from beginner to professional.


Where to Begin - Learn the basics in one of our Scuba Diving Classes

Every diver's journey starts with our Learn to Scuba Dive class, an Open Water Diver lesson. A combination of home study, classroom, pool and ocean training designed to introduce the basic skills and knowledge needed to explore the underwater world safely and comfortably. We offer this class in evening, weekend and custom schedules to best fit a busy lifestyle.


Unsure if diving is right for you? Try Scuba Diving Classes is an easy introduction to the underwater world. A brief overview of skills, introduction to SCUBA equipment and time to play in the pool under the supervision of an instructor might change your mind. Bring a friend.


Refresh your Skills

A Scuba Skills Update or Refresher course is just the thing if you have been away from diving for some time. In the Scuba Diving Skills Update Classes you will have the opportunity to practice and review the scuba skills you learned in your open water scuba diver class and learn techniques that that may have changed since you took your class. You will have the opportunity to refresh your memory and motor coordination and practice your self-aid skills, all with the guidance of a dive leader.


Advance Your Scuba Skills with Speciality Classes

Continue your diving journey with Bamboo Reef's Advanced and Specialty courses. Gain new skills, meet fellow divers, and develop comfort and confidence through new diving experiences. Our experienced dive professionals are ready to show you the wonders of the deep, the intricacies of underwater photography, navigation beneath the waves, confidently using drysuits, or even exploring with new technologies such as rebreathers.

Choose from any of our Specialty Scuba Divng Classes / Courses to customize your continuing dive education! 


First Aid and O2 Provider

Whether it is being on the scene of an accident or witnessing a health-related emergency, most people will be involved in a crisis situation at some point in their lives. First Aid and O2 Provider courses prepare people to manage injuries and other health-related emergencies.


Scuba Diving Professional Classes / Courses

Dive Control Specialists/Dive Masters/Dive Guides organize, conduct and supervise all sorts of recreational diving activities: guided underwater tours, boat dives, beach dives, assisting SSI Instructors with dive classes, and teaching snorkeling and refresher courses. This course is the best way to gain the theoretical and practical knowledge to begin a career as a dive professional.


Instructor Courses are available several times each year. If you are interested in becoming an SSI instructor please contact us.




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