Freediver Certification
San Francisco 

Whether you're an "aggressive snorkeler" a spearfisher,  a surfer, or a wannabe, take this course if you want to learn to safely dive to depths of up to 20m or 66 feet. 


Our goal for the class is to get you to a static breathhold of 1 minute and 30 seconds, and confidently diving down to 10 meters of depth. Of course, even if you don't reach those goals, the safety skills you learn will make you invaluable as a dive buddy.

Looking for the next level? Check our Intermediate classes.

Course requirements and details​
  • Swim Evaluation – 100 Meter Swim & 5min Tread/Float

  • Academic Exam – 50 Questions Multiple Choice

  • Pool Skills Evaluation

  • Ocean Skills Evaluation

Training Depths
  • Skills at surface, 5 meters, and 10 meters

  • Maximum depth of 20 meters

Age requirements
  • Minimum age: 10 years old

  • Students 10-14 are required to book Semi-Private or Private lessons

Gear requirements
  • Gear Requirements - Mask, Snorkel, Gloves

  • Rental (provided with class) - 5mm Open Cell Wetsuit, Booties, Closed Heel Fins, Weights and Weight Belt

Group Freediver Class

Maximum 6 students

Classroom, pool, 2 ocean dives

Classroom + pool schedule
  • Monday 6-10pm, Classroom and swim test

  • Wednesday 6-10pm, Classroom and pool skills

  • Friday 6-10pm, Pool skills


Ocean schedule

Once you've completed your class and pool sessions, apply what you've learned over 2 dives in Monterey Bay. 


  • Sunday dives: 8am-2pm

$525 per person
  • $425 includes Instructor Fees, Class & Pool Sessions, Ocean Sessions, and Freediving Equipment Rental

  • $80 for NAUI Digital Freediver Course and Physical Manual, Processing Fees & Certification Card

Private Freediver Class

One on one sessions


At your convenience, call the the shop to discuss.

Max of 4 sessions.

$700 per person

  • $630 includes Instructor Fees, Class & Pool Sessions, Ocean Sessions, and Freediving Equipment Rental

  • $70 for SSI Digital Open Water Course: Online & Offline Access, SSI App, Processing Fees & Certification Card

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