Bamboo Reef has been serving Bay Area divers since 1961, and Monterey Bay divers since 1970.  We are proud to be one of a handful of SSI Platinum Training Facilities worldwide, which means we have the experience and knowledge to train dive instructors as well as students. 


Founded by Al Giddings in 1961, the business was owned and operated from 1972-2016 by Sal Zammitti; with 5 stores throughout the Bay Area at one point. Bamboo Reef is now owned by the father/son team of Mark and Brian Stanley. 

Brian and Mark have been working in the SCUBA industry since 2004 and have more than 30 years of experience between the 2 of them.


Join the Bay Area's most experienced operator when you are looking for diving lessons, equipment, or travel. See what Bamboo Reef has to offer and join us in the world below.




Meet the Crew!
San Francisco 
Monterey Bay

Brian Stanley


SCUBA & FreeDive Instructor

Brian is the Co-Owner of Bamboo Reef and has been scuba diving for over half his life. ⁠

These days, he tends to spend more time free diving and spear fishing. His biggest catch is the 50 pound ling cod (caught in Alaska) that he is holding in this photo! Brian loves anime, sushi and spicy food (especially in large quantities). ⁠

Fun fact: Brian is one of the lucky few to have seen a great white shark while diving!


Mark Stanley


SCUBA Instructor


Kory - Staff Photo.jpg

Kory Christensen

Shop Manager - SF

SCUBA Instructor

Kory is the manager of Bamboo Reef San Francisco as well as our Dive Trip Manager. He has coordinated trips to Fiji and Micronesia and has trips to YAP, Tubbataha, and Belize in the works. ⁠

Kory is a Bay Area transplant and originally from Idaho, he got his start diving in the thermal hot springs near Idaho Falls. These days he spends most of his time making sure the shop runs smoothly and certifying Open Water students! ⁠

Make sure to say hi if you see him in the San Francisco store or certifying students at Breakwater!

Paul Keller

Service Technician - SF

Paul is our service technician at Bamboo Reef San Francisco. He has been with us since 2012 and has been a technician for the past 16 years. He got certified when he was 13 and did his checkout dives at the famous Monastery Beach! When he's not working on equipment Paul is spending time with his favorite person in the world, his 8 year old daughter Avery.


Crew Member

Donnie has been working at Bamboo Reef's San Francisco location for over a year. He started as an intern and has worked his way up to part -time staff member. Donnie's diving aspirations are to break into technical diving and become a Navy diver. His best dive ever was at Whaler's Cove in Monterey. When he is not in the water, Donnie enjoys playing bass, cooking, and listening to music.

LIZ - STaff Photo.jpg


Crew Member

Social Media Specialist - SF

Liz got certified at Bamboo Reef in 2018. She was hooked immediately and quickly started traveling full time and diving along the way. She has been diving in Central America, Mexico, Mozambique and Egypt!  She started working at Bamboo Reef's San Francisco location this year when COVID brought her back to the Bay Area. She is currently working towards her Master Diver, learning how to freedive, and enjoying cold water diving!

Kiki - Staff Photo.jpg



 Kiki is an intern at Bamboo Reef's San Francisco location. She got open water certified when she was 14 in Hawaii with her family. Her most memorable dive was also in Hawaii, where she got to see an Octopus. ⁠

While she is with us Kiki hopes to deepen her knowledge of diving and eventually be a source of support for other people just getting into diving. ⁠

Kiki has traveled all over the world, she grew up in Japan and later she visited places like Australia, Egypt, and Botswana. In her off time, she likes to bake! 




Rachel is an intern at the San Francisco shop and the newest member of the Bamboo Reef family. Her favorite places to dive are Hawaii and the Maldives. Her favorite animal to see underwater is a shark, and she hopes to see a whale shark one of these days!⁠


Adam Lester

Shop Manager - Monterey Bay

SCUBA Instructor

Adam is the manager of Bamboo Reef Monterey as well as our longest standing full-time employee. An avid storyteller, he will quickly befriend everyone who comes by and recount wild tales of his spearfishing and scuba diving exploits. His love of gear is a close second to his love of people, and he can go into great detail about any of our products. Whether someone needs a new speargun band, wants to compare drysuit brands, or likes chatting about local spots and conditions, Adam is your guy!



SCUBA Instructor

Freedive Instructor

José is one of Monterey’s jack-of-all-trades. He is an excellent scuba guide and freediver, and his spearfishing can supply the whole shop with halibut for months. Commonly referred to as our most beautiful employee, he is skilled at carrying doubles and whipping up a trimix or a nitrox cold brew. If he’s not at the shop, José is likely in the ocean with friends or playing with our favorite employee, his dog-hter, Anaya. Next time you're in town, stop by and say hello!

Nich Staff Photo.jpg

Nicholas Ta

Service Technician - Monterey

SCUBA Instructor

Nic is one of Monterey’s unstoppable forces. We have watched him become a regulator technician for Aqualung and Scubapro, a freedive assistant instructor, and a soon-to-be NAUI scuba instructor. As he continues to grow, Nic always takes time to help the people around him. He has introduced tons of people to the world of freediving and helped many divers navigate and explore a new site. He is also an avid spearo and artist as proved by his amazing underwater footage and beautiful fish prints. Next time you’re in Monterey, swing by and enjoy the slapping sound of Nic walking around in his fish flops!

NICK - Staff photo.jpg

Nick Nachay

Training Manager
Scuba Instructor Trainer
Freedive Instructor

Nick is one of our Freedive and Scuba Instructor Trainers, we are stoked to have him as our Training Manager. He is a NAUI Instructor Trainer, NAUI Freediver Instructor, and a spectacular spearo. He has helped create an exciting set of freediving courses for the coming months, and he has even more classes on the way. If you want to learn more about our scuba or freedive programs, come by and talk to Nick!

Bret Staff Photo.jpg

Bret Whitford

SCUBA Instructor

Bret has worked with Bamboo Reef for 20 years as a scuba instructors and guide. He spends his days teaching at Carmel Middle School and is an incredible educator both in and out of the water. His skills outside of diving include feeding the Bam Fam at his delicious barbecues and sharing his love of nature with his daughter. We are both scared and thrilled by his sense of humor, his love of sea hares and banana slugs, and his ability to always keep us laughing. 

Dennis Staff Photo.jpg

Dennis Lewis

Dive Guide

Dennis is one of our scuba guides who’s touring skills are only slightly less fabulous than his hair. He’s been splashing around tide pools and exploring the ocean since he was four years old. In the time since then, he has graduated from luring fish with rocks to being a stealthy spearo, fearless almost-captain, and scuba extraordinaire. From snatching lobsters with his bare hands to snuggling with cats despite severe allergies, Dennis is truly both fearless and wonderful.

Giray staff photo.jpg

Giray Yalçın Armağan

Freedive Instructor

Giray is one of our NAUI/PFI Freediver Instructors and one of the few Intermediate Instructors on the West Coast. ⁠

He grew up in Turkey and was introduced to freediving and spearfishing at an early age. Every since he was 8 years old he was holding his breath underwater and harvesting fish, collecting inverts or pulling anchors from the bottom. Freediving for Gilray isn't just a sport or hobby, it's a way of life, a way to look inside and and be a more conscious person. ⁠

That is why he wants to share his knowledge and passion for freediving with others, so that we can grow a more conscious community. Join him on one of his kayak dives, line diving sessions, or Freediver courses to learn about safe diving and responsible harvesting.

Arielle Staff Photo.jpg

Ariella Simke

SCUBA Instructor

Ariella is one of Bamboo Reef’s scuba guides who fell in love with cold water diving and Mola molas when she first dove in the bay in 2013. A kelp enthusiast, Ariella has explored the underwater forests that line the coast from Monterey down through Big Sur. She also works with @finandforage to support the local freediving community and recently caught her first perch while spearfishing! We love that she always comes to the shop with new adventure stories and, maybe soon, some fish tacos.

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Located down the road from Oracle Park, the original Bamboo Reef sits nestled in Mission Bay, San Francisco. With it’s door’s first open in 1961, Bamboo Reef has catered to thousands of divers all across the globe.

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Business hours

*Yes, we're back to normal business hours now!*
Mon-Fri: 9:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday: 7:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday: 7.00am – 6.00pm


Located just a couple of blocks from the historic Cannery Row, Bamboo Reef Scuba Diving Centers Monterey has been voted best dive shop 10 times by Monterey County Weekly! Come to the Monterey shop for…

  • Daily guided scuba dives in the majestic kelp beds of Monterey Bay

  • An air, nitrox, or trimix fill from our state of the art “Big Bamboo” blending station